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Shelley Bot is an Artificial Intelligence Recruitbot

Shelley Bot gets to know you and your background, and makes confidential introductions to experts in your field.

Get help with your job search 

every step of the way

Shelley Bot suggests relevant job openings, keeping your identity confidential until you're ready to chat.

Shelley Bot works with the other pieces of your life

Machine Learning coupled with Natural Language Processing makes Shelley Bot an HR RecruitBot focused on pairing talent with opportunity by means of Deep Machine Learning, session-to-session recall, HR oversight, ATS and system integrations, and more.

Human Agents on Standby

Some pieces of the process are best left to human interaction. A team of experts are on standby for snags, extra help, and added insight.

Shelley Bot guides the entire hiring experience from job search to hire and from on-boarding through career advancement.

Applying is as easy as chatting

Shelley Bot remembers your search preferences and chat history to bring only perfect job matches your way.

Powerful. Flexible. Scalable.

Shelley Bot works with the tools you use every day.