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Shelley Bot gets to know you and your expertise, and then makes confidential real-time introductions to passive and active job seekers in your area, via chat.

Machine Learning coupled with Natural Language Processing makes Shelley Bot an HR RecruitBot focused on pairing talent with opportunity by means of deep machine learning, session-to-session recall, HR oversight, ATS and system integrations, and more.

Shelley Bot is an Artificial Intelligence Recruitbot

Shelley Bot is a hybrid, part bot, part human team on standby to make sure all your needs are met in a timely and friendly manner.

Build trust with candidates through open-ended, natural conversations.

Shelley suggests relevant job openings to qualified job seekers, helping convert more job seekers through the funnel than traditional methods.

Shelley Bot guides the entire hiring experience from job search to hire and from on-boarding through career advancement.

Shelley Bot brings passive talent alongside active job seekers by offering a confidential, quick and easy process for professionals to explore the opportunities that are out there.

Recruiting is as easy as chatting.

Shelley, tell me about work from home opportunities...