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Shelley Bot is here to guide you through every step of the hiring process, whether you are actively seeking new opportunities or confidentially thinking about next steps.

Designed with the confidential job seeker in mind, Shelley Bot brings you more insight, more control, and more transparency into the entire job search process.

Let Shelley Bot do the work.

Machine Learning coupled with Natural Language Processing means that Shelley Bot learns from each interaction, recalls past responses, enacts precise searches, and flags inappropriate inquiries.

Applying for a job's as easy as chatting.

No searching. No cover letters. No resume? No problem! Let Shelley Bot get you started simply by chatting about your job search.

Shelley Bot gives you control over your job search and personal data, and insight into your opportunity pipeline.

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Use Shelley Bot as your confidential ear to the ground and stay proactive and protected.

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