Shelley Bot can provide tips and tricks for using LinkedIn to find your next job

Shelley's experienced at helping candidates and professionals clean up their LinkedIn profile to get more eyes and more offers.

Having your profile on LinkedIn is important not only for job seekers, but for professionals who are happily employed. 

Your LinkedIn Headline will come up search results, so make sure it stands out and sums you up.

Your LinkedIn Summary is where you can go into more detail, including your professional profile. 

The Experience section on LinkedIn is similar to a resume. It's a great spot to highlight your tasks and responsibilities.

In order for Shelley Bot to advise you on your LinkedIn profile, she'll chat with you about your experience and career goals to help you put together a professional profile for attracting recruiters and hiring managers. 

Shelley can teach you how to network more effectively and use LinkedIn to discover new opportunities. 

Chat with Shelley Bot and get free tips for a LinkedIn profile makeover.